About the student printer

The student printer is provided by the Computer Science Students' Representative Council and the Computer Science department. The students council is responsible for maintaining the printer and the accounting system. Computer science students receive a monthly quota that they can use for printing. This is possible by generous financial support by the backing associations  Freunde der Saarbr├╝cker Informatik e.V. and the Freunde der Fachschaft Informatik Saarbr├╝cken e.V.

Who is eligible?

Anyone can register for the Student Printer and can use the free functions of the machine (i.e. scanning documents). However, due to legal reasons, cost incurring functions of the device (i.e. printing) can only be made available to students enrolled in study programmes that the computer science council represent. You can receive the free monthly printing quota if you are enrolled in one of the following programmes:

Verifying your eligibility

After registration, we usually will be able to automatically check whether you are studying one of the courses listed above. However, sometimes this is not possible. This might be especially the case if you recently switched study programmes. In that case, you will be asked to upload a recent matriculation document (from the current term!). We will check that document and verify your status. After verification, you will receive a notification mail and you will be able to use the printer as usual.