Thesis Printing & Binding

The students council offers students a special service: You can use the student printer to print and bind your thesis at net cost price. Thesis printing is a self service, meaning that you print the thesis yourself (just as you would print any other document). After printing you go to the computer science library to bind the thesis.

Please note that this is a paid service, i.e. after printing and binding you will receive an invoice that you have to pay (via cash or bank transfer). However eligible students will receive a discount on their invoice.


Thesis printing is a self service process, but please note the warning about room access at the top of this site! Just head over to this site and click on 'Start Thesis Print' to start with thesis printing. You also find a manual on how to use print and bind your thesis on that site. After you are done you can stop thesis printing on the same site. After that you will receive an invoice that you can pay in cash at the students council or via bank transfer.

Please also note that currently, access to the room is restricted. If you want to have access, fill out the form at the bottom of  this page.

Cost & Discounts

Thesis printing is a paid service, i.e you will receive an invoice that you have to pay after using it. You will be invoiced the printing cost that you can see on the device before releasing a print job. Current print prices can be seen in the Papercut interface. We recommend printing on thick paper. It is clear white 120g/m² paper, ideal for double-sided thesis printing. The price rates are the same that you use while using your free print credits.

If you are an eligible student, the student council subsidizes each thesis print with a discount based on your degree: Bachelor students will receive a 2 Euro, Master students a 4 Euro, and students of Lehramt a 3 Euro discount on their invoice. Furthermore the first 3 bindings will be discounted. That is usually the amount of copies you need to submit to the examination office.