Above you can see your current thesis printing status. Use the controls to start or stop thesis printing.

How to print your thesis?

After enabling thesis printing on your account, you will have an additional special account available in your account while using the student printer. All prints and copies made on this account will be tallied on your thesis print invoice.

Recommended Printing Settings

Just create and send a print job to the student printer as you would usually do on any of your devices as described in the general usage help.

We have special paper for thesis printing (clear white and 120g/m² thick) available in the printer that you can select while creating the print job. On your computer select Heavy Paper 1 as paper type. On mobile and web print select the printer with the heavy_paper or thick_paper suffix.

We recommend the following settings:

  • Paper Size: A4
  • Paper Type: Heavy Paper 1 / Thick Paper
  • Color Mode: Automatic or Color (only actual color pages will be billed as such)
  • Duplex: Yes (i.e. print on both sides of a paper)
  • Number of copies: As much as you need (usually 3, check with your study regulations)

Also remember that you may need to print additional submission forms for the examination office.

Release the Print Job

Releasing the print job is a little bit different. When you log on at the device, instead of being presented with your account summary, you will be asked to select an account, i.e. you will have the selection between your normal account yourname and your special account yourname_thesisprint_01. The account you will select here will determine to which account copies will be attributed to, so you can select any of them.

After login go to the 'Print Release Job Queue' Menu. You will not be able to immediately release prints from the overview list anymore, but you have to click on '>' next to a print job to open the print job properties menu. Here you have to select an account in the bottom left of the screen. Click then on 'Print' to release the print job as usual.

How to bind your thesis?

After you have printed all your needed copies, just head over to the Library for Computer Science and Mathematics (bldg. E2 3). Please take note of their  opening hours.

At the reception desk ask the staff to bind your thesis. You will need to give them your name and printer account name and they will add the bindings to your invoice. Prepare to have your id card ready for identification.

If you are an eligible student, the first 3 bindings are free (discount will be applied later on invoice) and subsequent bindings will cost 0.50 Euro.

Binding itself will take about 5 minutes, but the bindings will have to cool down for about half an hour before you can open them.

How to end thesis printing?

When you're done with everything, i.e. printing and binding, you can end thesis printing by clicking on the 'End Thesis Print' button above. Alternatively you can wait 7 days until thesis printing is ended automatically.

When thesis printing ends you will loose access to your special printing account and your prints and bindindings will automatically be tallied and your invoice will be send to your student mail address. If you are an eligible student, discounts will be automatically applied to your invoice. Please pay within 14 days either in cash at the students council or via bank transfer as described on the invoice.